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Artist Spotlight: Kourosh Mahboubian by Adam Kluger for 25A Magazine, 2022

Art World Gadfly: An Appreciation of the Art, Writing, and Life of Kenny Schachter by Elizabeth A. Pergam, 2021

Disclosures: Kourosh Mahboubian, or Living for Two by Donovan Irven for Whitehot Magazine, 2021

1001 - 1002 | Filo Sofi Arts + KaPow and GaBoo for Springbreak Art Fair, 2021

Shrine to Beauty: Filo Sofi Arts Opens in Cranford, New Jersey by Anthony Haden-Guest for Whitehot Magazine, 2021

Works from Forget What You Know curated by Kourosh Mahboubian for Whitehot Magazine, 2020


Disclosures: Khari Turner, or The Joy in the Struggle by Donovan Irven for Whitehot Magazine, 2020


Disclosures: Dindga McCannon, or A Table of Their Own by Donovan Irven for Whitehot Magazine, 2020

Heightened Perceptions: “Forget What You Know” at Art of Our Century, Curated by Kourosh Mahboubian Fine Art, 2020

Anthony Haden-Guest’s career as a cartoonist is flourishing by Oli Coleman, 2020

Can Artists Get by Without Galleries? by Kourosh Mahboubian for Whitehot Magazine, 2019

Five Pieces of Art You Should Have in Your Home by Kourosh Mahboubian

Five Thoughts on Building an Art Collection by Kourosh Mahboubian


Photography - the Accessible, Affordable Darling of the Art World by Kourosh Mahboubian

A Holiday Wishlist by Kourosh Mahboubian

Art in a Warm Home by Kourosh Mahboubian

A Primer on Frames by Kourosh Mahboubian

Collecting Works on Paper by Kourosh Mahboubian

A few Things Every Collector Should Know About Prints by Kourosh Mahboubian

A Collector's Three-Word Guide to the Print Market by Kourosh Mahboubian

The Travelling Collector by Kourosh Mahboubian

A Space With Sculpture by Kourosh Mahboubian


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